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Al Aqsa Tour – May 2022

Our tour included a visit to the old city of Jerusalem. Meeran Tours had taken care of everything for us, ensuring that our journey was as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. From the food and accommodation to the well-planned itinerary, Meeran Tours exceeded our expectations and made this trip truly unforgettable. As a participant, I was grateful to have joined this trip to Palestine. It was a life-changing experience that allowed me to learn more about my heritage and connect with my culture in a deeper way.

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At Meeran Tours, we aim to create a perfect balance of meaningful experiences and cultural immersion to create an unforgettable journey of a lifetime. Our tours are catered around you, whether travelling alone or as a group, ensuring that your trip with us to Al Aqsa and other Islamic locations brings you into the world of local life. Our team of scholars and guides have over 5 years of experience in our guided tours across the Holy Land of Jerusalem, ranging in different languages such as English, Urdu and Punjabi – ensuring a pleasant time throughout your journey with us. 

We take the stress out of the organisation for you, including ground transfers, accommodation, flights and the overall journey across the Holy Land of Jerusalem. This allows for you to focus on your surroundings and enjoy your time with us, embracing the spirituality of Jerusalem to the highest extent. Our tour to Al Aqsa is spread across five days, packed with the best value experiences from spending our evenings strolling through ‘The Heart of Jerusalem’, to spending time with the Imam of Al Aqsa and organising a trip to a local orphanage where you can donate and do some charity work for the locals. 

Your time with us will bring you into the world of local life, and allow for you to return to yours with life-changing experiences to reminisce on. 

Our most recent tour took place last year, where we visited Al Aqsa and allowed for the participants to learn more about our heritage and connect with our culture in a deeper way. It included a visit to the Old City, embracing its beauty and its culture through various Islamic and educational talks with local sheikhs of Al Aqsa. 

Our 2023 tour dates are available across the year.