Meeran Tours Al Aqsa

Meeran Tours Ltd is a leading tour operator to Al Aqsa which takes you to the heart of Jerusalem & other key Islamic sites across the world. We ensure that all the arrangements are made according to your requirements, accommodating you and your loved ones at all times.

Travel Experience

We provide an unforgettable experience, hand crafted through acclaimed airlines, comfortable and elegant hotels. During your journey we will assist you to make the experience one of love, with real cultural immersion and compassion. Additionally, we can customise and create a tailor-made solution that fits your individual needs.


We provide both single and group travel to large family tours. We have local and foreign guides and scholars within the tour group speaking English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi who make this journey a life time experience that will never be forgotten.

Meeran Tours Ltd is also an established and reputable trademark with over 5 years’ experience in visiting and taking groups to the Holy Land of Jerusalem. During this period, we have had many return for second or third visits with other families and friends to share the experience they had

Direct Flights

We help you find direct flights from all major London Airports to Tel Aviv.

Price Guarantee

We provide best value for your money. Our tour is highly rated from previous travellers who have had a unforgettable experience.


We guide and support you through the full process of bookings, visa and preparation for the tour.

Meet The Team

Our Team

Hakil Khurshid
Chief Tour Operator
Sheikh Salah
Local Tour Guide